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Business Internet

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Texas Exchange Bank offers its customers distinctive online bank products, Business Internet is for our business customers. These convenient products give our customers the ability to perform business financial transactions online from home or office.

Business Internet services available:

  • Online real-time balance inquiries
  • Pending account transactions
  • Account transfers
  • Loan balance information
  • Stop payments
  • ACH debits or credits
  • Wire transfers
  • Tax payments
  • Online image items
  • Online Bill payment
  • Download account information to Microsoft Money, Intuit QuickBooks, Intuit Quicken, or a CSV (comma separated file)

Device Management – For optimum security, customers should routinely update their devices operating systems and firmware.  Customers should also only access trusted sites and download applications from only reputable sources.  Additionally, if any device such as a phone, laptop, tablet, etc. is lost, customers should contact a representative at Texas Exchange Bank Immediately at 817-297-4331.

For additional information about Internet services contact a Texas Exchange Bank New Accounts representative.