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Schedule of Fees

Account Research

$35.00 per hour

     Plus copies

$1.00 each

Account balancing assistance

$35.00 per hour

Paper Statement Fee - waived if enrolled in eStatements

$3.00 monthly

Statement Copies

$3.00 each

Duplicate Annual Interest Statement



$1.00 each

Account closed within 90 days of opening


IRA Documentation Fee if closed before one year


Hold Statements

$1.00 per month

Stop Payments - ACH and Checks


Non-sufficient Funds Fee – Item Returned

No charge

Non-sufficient Funds Fee – Item Paid

No charge

Overdraft Fee – Item Returned

No charge

Overdraft Fee – Item Paid

No charge

Deposited items returned unpaid

No charge

 Currency Purchased

$0.45 per package

 Rolled Coin Purchased

$0.15 per roll

ATM / Debit Card Replacement


     See limitations on the ATM and Debit cards in disclosure provided to you at account opening


Texas Exchange Bank Bill Payment

 No monthly charge

Collection Services:


     Outgoing Items


     Incoming Items


Bank Draft


Wire Transfers:


     Domestic outgoing


     Domestic incoming


     Foreign outgoing


     Foreign incoming


Balance inquiry by phone at bank - 1 free per week


Telephone Transfer - between accounts

$1.50 per transfer

Automatic Transfer Fee - between accounts

$5.00 per occurrence

Cashier's Checks


Personal Money Orders


Temporary checks - 5


Lock Bag






Safe Deposit Box Rent - Annually:


     3 x 6 x 22


     3 x 9 x 22


     5 x 9 x 22


     10 x 10 x 22


Safe Deposit Box Drilled


Safe Deposit Box Lost Key






Check printing prices vary depending on style selected

There might be additional charges for services provided that are not shown on this fee schedule. Please note that we reserve the right to change our fees and will provide advance notice to you should our fees or terms vary from the information described above.